We’re not too old to raise a middle digit

September 25, 2020 0

by Steve Cook Right, so I keep hearing about how various restrictions and so forth are to help vulnerable people so they don’t catch COVID 19 and die.I am sick of hearing it. The correct […]


Mentally ill man spotted in Downing Street

September 23, 2020 0

by Steve Cook Typo City 23/9/20 A tousle-haired, mentally ill man believed to be suffering from the rare psychiatric illness PMD (Prime Muppet Disorder) was today spotted cavorting in and around Downing Street and people […]


A Daily Scare COVID health tip to help you stay well

September 20, 2020 0

by Daily Scare Health correspondent   Steve Cook Our Man in a Face Diaper I am now enthusiastically hoovering our entire apartment every single day! It has become part of our daily decontamination regimen alongside burning […]


Great propaganda tricks of today: the “irresponsible” gambit

September 13, 2020 0

by UKR Columnist Steve Cook Great propaganda tricks of today: accusing of being irresponsible those who don’t buy into the whole mask-wearing, lockdown, fear porn, killer-virus-on-the-loose, apocalypse movie scenario. The implication is they “don’t care” […]


PM scoops top honours

September 9, 2020 0

by Steve Cook Typo City 9/9/20 Boris  Johnson, the British Prime Muppet last night walked away with top honours at the gala Daily Scare Services  to Satire Awards. The award is given to the person […]


In your face, merchants of fear!

September 6, 2020 0

by UKR columnist Steve Cook London 6/9/20 Good morning everyone! Have some fun, check out this link. It is an ad about wearing face masks by Lloyds Pharmacy that appeared on Facemaskbook (sic) – a […]

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